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If you’re looking into moving to Australia, you have just found all the information you need in one place. That’s right, your move to Australia has just been made it easier. How? By Moving to Australia putting you first. Our only job is to help make your move as easy as possible. No hype or selling, just the information you need: setting up bank accounts, foreign exchange, moving your personal effects to Australia, schooling, real estate and hundreds of other pieces of useful information about Australia. Whether you are moving to Brisbane, moving to the Gold Coast, moving to Sydney, moving to Melbourne or moving to Perth, moving to Australia is here to help.

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If you live outside New Zealand and are wanting guidance on moving to Australia, please visit Here you will find ample practical information tailored to the global market. You will be connected to other migrants and service providers offering you solutions and advice specific to your country of origin and cultural needs.

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My husband and I moved to Australia from New Zealand, so all the information you find on is from our experiences. I have included a lot of factual information and also our opinions. However, it is good to know what is fact and what is our experience's, so where applicable I have added 'Editors Notes' in boxes, e.g.:

Editors Note:"The more reading you do before you leave, the easier your move will be. Even though Australia and New Zealand are very similar, it is still moving to another country, with their own ways of doing things and a whole life to re-setup."

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The sponsors are here to assist you with your move to Australia. They do know the most about their chosen field, e.g. ausmove our moving company sponsor So now you have a team of resources, each with a unique understanding of Australia.

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