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If you’re looking into moving to Australia, you have just found all the information you need in one place. That’s right, your move to Australia has just been made it easier. How? By Moving to Australia putting you first. Our only job is to help make your move as easy as possible. No hype or selling, just the information you need: setting up bank accounts, foreign exchange, moving your personal effects to Australia, schooling, real estate and hundreds of other pieces of useful information about Australia. Whether you are moving to Brisbane, moving to the Gold Coast, moving to Sydney, moving to Melbourne or moving to Perth, moving to Australia is here to help.

Editor's Note: Throughout you will see 'Editor's Note's'. These notes contain my personal experiences and opinions. I have included them so you can learn from my mistakes and save yourself time and money on doing research I have already done.

Please note, I am always happy to answer your questions, especially if there is something missing from the site that you want to know that would be helpful to others. Please use the comments box at the bottom of each content page.

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