Advertising with Moving to Australia

If your target market are New Zealanders moving to Australia then we can help you reach them!

Moving to Australia is an informational website that helps New Zealanders making the move to Australia. We try to help our visitors in all aspects of moving to Australia, by having information and advise for all the services they could need. We are always looking for extra content/cateorgies to add, so please let us know if you have unquie offering our visitors would be interested in.

For the right organisations, your details and links will be featured on our website for a small fee with the purpose of enhancing the overall information available on and assist people who are moving to Australia.

We work with our advertisers to get the most out the relationship for the business and for visitors to the site. We do this by:

  • Adding a graphic link to the right hand side of our website, which is at the moment is displayed on all pages.
  • Giving them a customised website page on their services/products.
  • Having back links to their website, which helps their SEO/optimisation/page rank greatly.
  • We also have the opportunity to promote services/products to our database, which is growing daily thanks to the new addition of our forum.

We work with our businesses to create an advertising/marketing campaign that is benefical to both parties and are open to discussing any ideas that you have. We currently offer:

  • CPC graphic adverts using Google DFP (cost per click)
  • Referrals at a negotiated fee/percentage
  • Enquiry generation.

Please note: not all applications will be successful as the quality of the information on is of the up most importance to us.

If you are a consumer and would like to recommend an organisation for inclusion, please feel free to email us using the below form.

Please bear in mind, this website is designed purely to aide the consumer when considering a move to Australia.


We look forward to receiving your submissions.

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