Moving Company to Australia

Moving Company to Australia

Moving, whether across the street or across the pond can be very stressful. Moving to Australia wants to make your move easier. Here you will find tips and advice on moving your personal effects to Australia from New Zealand that will help remove a lot of the stress from this process.

The big question is to use a moving company or not...

Editor's Note: I have moved to Australia twice. The first time I was young and didn't have anything worth taking with me. Second hand bed, I brought another. However, the second time I was older and had a household of personal effects. 

I did a cost comparison of how much it would cost to take everything with us and how much it would cost to replace everything. For us, it worked out a lot cheaper to take our possessions with us. It saved us money and more importantly time. I was not keen to have to sell everything second hand before I left and then buy everything in a city was not familiar with.

I recommend you do the same process. It will only take an hour max of your time to get a price from a moving company. I highly recommend ausmove. We used them and so have all our family and friends who have moved and we all highly recommend them.

Door to Door or Port to Port

The very first thing you should be thinking about is the question of door to door or port to port. Your answer really comes down to the cost. Obviously it's going to cost you less going from port to port, but are the savings worth the inconvenience of having to move all of your belonging from the port to your home. You will also have to deal with Australian Customs and Quarantine directly and negotiate handling and clearances charges with an agent in Australia (which you will also have to find).

Therefore we highly recommend selecting the door to door option, this way all your costs are known up front and you will have an experienced agent looking after your shipment.

Don't you already have enough to do??

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Car Shipping (Automobiles)

There is very specific documentation required to ship your car to Australia. Without it your car will not be allowed entry and would be stuck at the port. There are also length of ownership and tax payable issues.

Find out if it is worth shipping your car

You will need to do two things:

Professional Packing vs Home Packed

You can't simply throw your belongings in a box as you might do if you were moving down the street. Packing your household goods will require a number of extra steps that you may not even think about. You don't want to unpack broken cups and vases, or have scratched TV's and tables. We highly recommend that your items are professionally wrapped and packed by a specialist international moving company. It is worth the cost and effort it saves you. Get your FREE quote and advice from our moving company sponsor

Moving Insurance

Due to the rigors of moving internationally and unfortunately the double handling involved in Australia we recommend taking transit insurance with your mover of choice. Believe it or not containers are still lost overboard in rough seas - again another compelling reason to take insurance on your family's possessions.

Most moving companies offer a range of insurance options. For very reasonable rates you can insure your shipment against all foreseeable issues. Get your FREE QUOTE/ADVICE from our moving company sponsor

Shipping Times

Perhaps not surprising, getting your belongings from New Zealand to Australia is not always a quick as you might think. There is the availability of space on board the ship, the loading and unloading time, customs, and possible quarantine delays that can delay your shipment in Australia.

Shipments generally take 5 to 8 weeks to get Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and a little longer to Perth.

These are just of few of the issues you need to take into consideration when planning the moving of your personal effects to Australia from New Zealand. If you have any questions, please either write a comment below or contact ausmove and get your FREE QUOTE/ADVICE from our moving company sponsor

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