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JJ Smith - Moving To Australia EditorHi
I’m JJ Smith.

I’m the creator and editor of Moving to and have been for over 15 years! I know almost everything there is to know about New Zealanders moving their life to Australia. Either first-hand or through the visitors to this website (

I learnt so much when I moved my family from Auckland New Zealand to the Gold Coast (short-term accommodation x 3 locations) and then Brisbane (family friends, then long-term rental).

I sold my website business in NZ before we moved to Australia, so it was easy for me to set up this website and share my knowledge to help others. I wanted to share what I’d learned from hours of research, the great companies that had helped me and therefore save you time, and money and make your move as stress-free as possible.

I will always thoroughly research a subject before choosing a service or product. Making educated decisions is important to me. I also hate spending my hard-earned money when there is a better deal out there.

I only recommend services providers that I have researched, used and loved. A high level of customer service is non-negotiable.

This website contains everything I’ve been able to discover about New Zealanders moving to Australia and I’m still researching and learning because of all the questions I get asked.

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Cheers… and good luck with your move to the lucky country.

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