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I’ve scheduled the subjects from ‘need to know’ to ‘it might apply to you’, e.g. having a baby in Australia, which doesn’t apply to everyone.

Most New Zealanders moving to Australia start researching the move, months to years out and this way you can get all the information you need with one simple free subscription.

You can also view many subjects on my Facebook page Moving to Australia. I also share any relevant news items on this page.

Moving to Australia Newsletters 🌏

If you are moving to Australia in the near future and have only just stumbled across my site, then you can read through my newsletter list below and have a read of what is of most interest to you:

  1. Welcome to the MTA Newsletter 🌏
  2. Moving to Australia Process 🌏
  3. Which city to move to in Australia? 🌏
  4. Jobs in Australia 🌏
  5. Australian Visa 🌏
  6. Schools in Australia 🌏
  7. Renting and Accommodation in Australia 🌏
  8. Buying a house in Australia 🌏
  9. Transferring your money to Australia 🌏
  10. Open an Australian Bank Account 🌏
  11. Moving Company to Australia 🌏
  12. Can you drive in Australia? 🌏
  13. Medicare Australia 🌏
  14. Australian Tax 🌏
  15. Become an Australian Citizen 🌏
  16. Australian Age Pension 🌏
  17. Moving to Australia Checklist 🌏
  18. Having a baby in Australia 🌏
  19. Moving to Australia Newsletter 🌏

On top of the above, I send out the occasional newsletter with the latest news that relates to New Zealanders moving to Australia.

If there is a subject I haven’t covered above that you would like to see, please comment below.

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