In the second of a three-part series Greg Ansley and Michael Dickison investigate how New Zealanders are becoming second class citizens in the ‘lucky country’.

An ever-increasing number of Kiwis are eyeing a move to Australia despite the lack of access to safety nets.

More than one in three would work and live in Australia if they could – including 53 per cent of people younger than 40.

According to the Herald-DigiPoll survey, a national poll with a margin of error of 4.4 per cent, this suggests about 1.6 million NZ residents want to cross the Tasman.

Among those now making the move is Tanya Hunt, who is flying out tomorrow with her husband and four children. She believes there will be a better lifestyle for her and her husband, and more opportunities for their children.

Mrs Hunt said they would join friends and family already in Brisbane.

“I still have more family here, but I’m hoping they’re not far behind. Now that there are more and more people over there, and friends and family, it makes you think more about moving.”

It was during a trip to Brisbane in October that the family decided to move. Once they found a buyer for their Papakura home, they were ready to go.

Mrs Hunt, who worked as a case manager at Work and Income, already has a job interview lined up for Friday.

She said she had her own support network of friends in Australia even if she would be barred access to government welfare. She agreed with the policy to deny Kiwis welfare in Australia – but only if it was the same for Australians here.

Cam Gibbs, a relocation consultant from Ausmove, said New Zealand passports were still seen as an attractive way to get into Australia to live and work, especially among people from other countries.

He said Ausmove had had customers flying out to Australia on the same day as their New Zealand citizenship ceremonies.

A three-part Herald series

Yesterday: When the dream turns sour
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Tomorrow: Victories against discrimination

By Michael Dickison and Greg Ansley


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