Website redesign – same great free information on relocating to Australia!

You might have visited this website recently and now you’re not sure you’re in the right place? Well you are, it’s just had a face lift. We hope you like it.

I created this site 10 years ago. Then redesigned it early 2016. But now it needed to be changed into what it actually is… a blog.

What’s the difference between a website and blog – look and feel, posts instead of pages. Same content, displayed in a different way. I was a blogger before blogs were even around.

What is a blog and how do I use one?

A blog is a website that can be continually updated with new posts or content. The word ‘blog’ is a contraction of the term weblog, which relates to the reverse chronological order of blogs.

Where to find the menu items

Instead of the standard top menu of a website, look for ‘blog’ or ‘categories’. This is where all the pages/articles/posts are found on the subject, e.g. under ‘money’ you’ll find blog posts on foreign exchange, opening a Australian bank account, first home buyers grants and more.

How to easily find content

A great way to find content on a blog is using the search function: Search Icon. It will display all the posts that contain the key word you’ve used. See example below for money:

Money search result

As you can see from the above, you will see the posts that contain information on money. The categories they in, the title of the post, who it was posted by, the date it was posted, a stunning image and an introductory paragraph or two.

When you click the continue reading you can read the full post. When you’ve finished the article, simply ‘go back’ and continue scrolling. It’s easy to scroll through posts and read the ones that interest you.

How to get the most out of our redesign

Blogs are best known for the current content they are continually adding. Our’s is about – up to date news, what’s happening in Australia, what you should know about moving to Australia, new information on all the subjects you are interested in and ways to take the stress out of your move.

You can view this in the ‘recent posts’ section (right hand column), in the monthly newsletter, our FaceBook page, Instagram account, Pinterest and Google + page.

We aim to write one blog post a week and share these with you.

How can you get the information you want, if you can’t find it?

This is where you come in! I’m always looking for gaps in the content we provide. Have you spotted one? Then please let me know! Or if you simply can’t find it in my new design.

Leave a reply

You can ask a question in the ‘leave a reply’ section at the bottom of any post. By doing this you will get emailed directly by me with the answer to your question and the answer posted on the site.

If I don’t know the answer I will research it, because I am supposed to know everything about Moving to Australia from New Zealand.

Email me directly

If you don’t want to ask a question, but not on the site, you can email me direct on I will email you back as soon as I can but it can sometimes take a week.

Contact us

Send an enquiry through my contact form on the contact us page.

I really like helping visitors to my site because I have been researching and re-researching all topics related to moving from New Zealand to Australia for over 10 years.

So if you can’t find what your looking for in my new-look blog, please get in touch!

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